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At Ideal Design, we don’t just believe in the power of great design. We believe in our communities—locally, globally, and professionally.

A demonstrated track record of effective communications

With over a decade of experience, we’re proud to have established ourselves as a trusted partner for progressive organizations—small to large, local to international. We wield both paper and pixels, from brochures to branding, from web-based apps to WordPress. The common thread? Our passion for helping clients to leverage their strengths, and adapt for the future.

Our energy, expertise and experience—on every project

We’re responsive, thoughtful, and we meet our deadlines. We embrace each organization’s unique process and goals. We listen. And we’re proud that our clients can think of us as collaborators, not just vendors.

Creative solutions for concrete outcomes

Although we’re (at times fanatically!) devoted to our craft, we understand that design is not art. It serves a specific purpose: to deliver results for our clients—whether that be increasing engagement, meeting development goals, or telling a story more clearly. Our process strikes the balance between inspiration and impact. The result? Clean, visually appealing design that’s both on message and on target. See some of our work.

Ideals that guide our process

We only work with nonprofits. Period. What’s more, our commitment to progressive causes is woven through every aspect of our business. We operate efficiently, ecologically, and transparently to keep costs low. This minimal overhead means that clients can devote more resources to what’s important: their mission. And our values embrace not only the needs of our clients, but also those of our community, our profession, and the environment.

What can Ideal Design do for your organization?

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Kristen Argenio

Kristen has over twenty years of experience designing for nonprofits, and holds a B.A. in graphic design from RIT. Throughout her career, she has been active with the environmental, human and animal welfare movements. In 2006, she founded Ideal Design to help level the playing field for socially-conscious organizations by providing high-end design services at affordable rates.

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At Ideal Design, we don’t just believe in the power of great design. We believe in our communities—locally, globally, and professionally.

Our values:

  • Quality

    To provide the highest quality creative services to nonprofits and socially-conscious businesses, at competitive rates.

  • Core Values

    To affirm in all our business practices these core values: quality, integrity, transparency, responsibility, and sustainability.

  • Ethical Practices

    Our business will be conducted fairly, so as to ensure that the needs of our clients are met without sacrificing fiscal or social responsibility. Ideal Design will conform to all standards and ethical practices as set forth by the AIGA and the Graphic Artists’ Guild.

  • Successful Business Relationships

    Ideal Design is committed to growing strong, fair, mutually successful business relationships with vendors and colleagues who share our vision.

  • Positive Solutions

    To conduct our business in the manners that create the most positive solutions for our clients, our community, the environment, and for the stakeholders of each project we undertake.

Some of Our Clients